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Grabbing the attention of consumers is easier than ever before, with major search engines like Google single-handedly changing the way people find local businesses. The internet has given rise to new, more efficient ways to drive business by introducing platforms like Google Business to help consumers in their search for locally sourced goods and services.

Our award-winning services have been successful in giving local businesses the boost they need to become top players in their market. Whether you need a logo for your new business or a digital campaign geared toward growth, turn to 11 Marketing + Design to deliver the results you are looking for.

SEO Branding Website Design

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Services

Outrank your competition

Boost traffic to your website with premier search engine optimization (SEO) services at 11 Marketing + Design.

Powerful SEO gives businesses a chance to position themselves in high rankings on relevant search engine results pages (SERPs) when consumers are actively searching for their products or services. By presenting yourself as one of the first options, users are more likely to choose your business to buy from.

SEO has been found to be the highest driver of ROI than any other strategy of marketing. Since the vast majority of users won’t even be bothered to look past the first SERP, businesses that understand the power of SEO and work to implement it into their digital marketing strategy will be the top competitors in their industry.

Local SEO

Establishing local relevance is one of the first steps in launching a successful business. Before the rise of digital marketing, this was done by networking, print, and other forms of traditional advertising, but today, forms of online marketing have revolutionized the way businesses connect with their community.

Local SEO is the process of building locally relevant backlinks and optimizing the content of a business’s website to incorporate keywords that are often searched by people in the community who are looking for the products or services that particular business provides. In doing so, Google has an easier time indexing the website and presenting it on pertinent SERPs. This gives businesses more opportunities to appear in front of interested buyers and turn them into customers. 

Technical SEO

Search engine optimization doesn’t stop at the local level. The backend of a website should be taken into consideration when putting systems in place to get it to rank. This can be completed using technical SEO, a form of search engine optimization that focuses on improving how well pages can be crawled and indexed.

Technical SEO involves putting measures in place on a website in order to make its pages load faster, easier to crawl, and more understandable for search engines. These elements help to encourage more favorable rankings across relevant SERPs, making them more discoverable for users searching for that website’s content. Google’s goal is to present users with the best, most fitting results to their queries. Websites focused on the user experience will always come out on top.

Google Business Profile Optimization

Google has become an incredibly popular tool consumers utilize when looking for business recommendations. Billions of searches are made each day, with almost half being dedicated to local business discovery.

To make it easier for users to find businesses in their area, Google rolled out a feature called Google Business in 2014. Whether intended or not, Google, once again, changed the digital marketing landscape with this tool.

Put your business where the money is with Google Business Profile optimization through 11 Marketing + Design. Our services have been proven to increase local businesses’ rankings across a number of relevant SERPs and have helped them become top players in their market. 

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Amarillo web designer

Website Design

Put Your Best Face Forward

As a multifaceted tool businesses use to attract, inform, and sell to consumers, a website is one of the first points of contact a large number of people will have with a business.

People expect the businesses they buy from to conduct themselves in a professional manner, and a website is, to them, a direct measure and reflection of this.

Paint yourself in the best light possible with state-of-the-art web design services from 11 Marketing + Design. Let us take your online business development to the next level.

Responsive Web Design

Consumers are using mobile phones more than any other device to browse the internet for local businesses. When users access a business’s website on their phone, they expect it to be accessible and user-friendly. Businesses that fail to evolve with technology give consumers a negative impression of how they do business. Users are quick to click out on websites that do not adapt to the device they are viewing it on. Any efforts put toward SEO are rendered completely useless if the people clicking on your website are turning right around and clicking out. Ensure a greater return on your investment with responsive web design services from 11 Marketing + Design.

ADA Compliant Website Design

Reaching a larger audience is made possible using ADA compliant website design. Users with audio and visual impairments rely on assisting tools like screen readers, keyboard navigation systems, and speech recognition software to surf the web. It is important to incorporate measures that work with these tools to avoid isolating entire groups of people from accessing your website’s content. Using software that is accommodating to these technologies will not only give more people the ability to access your website, but it will help improve SEO. Businesses are also required by law to have measures in place to accommodate certain handicaps. ADA compliance will help to avoid potential lawsuits. 

E-Commerce Web Design / Shopify

While a well-designed website should be a standard for any business owner, businesses that operate solely online must make it a priority to survive. E-commerce is a steadily growing industry that has transformed the way people do business. With the ever-evolving online economy, businesses must learn to adapt. One benefit to opening an online storefront is the fact that costs can be cut while sales continue to increase. Businesses with difficult-to-navigate websites run the risk of coming across as less trustworthy. We design e-commerce websites with the end user in mind because we know just how detrimental the user experience is to a business’s success.

SEO-Friendly Website Design

We can help you put your best foot forward with both your customers and the search engines. We build websites that are designed to support any variety of online needs.


Connecting with a business’s target market is a pivotal step in generating loyal customers and cultivating a solid recall of the brand.

Branding allows businesses to put a face to and a personality behind the company. An effective brand will be able to demonstrate the values and beliefs a business holds in a way that speaks to the target audience. Every social media post, the logo, and any other visual elements produced as marketing materials will work to actively engage with consumers.

All parts of a business’s marketing efforts will be focused around the brand it has built or is working to build. It is essential to hire a marketing team that understands your goals and has the tools to accomplish them.

Graphic Design

Using well-designed visual elements, businesses are able to communicate a number of messages about their brand. Viewers will form judgments based on the marketing materials a business puts out. Alongside relatability, consumers will jump to a handful of conclusions about the design choices and content, as well as the message being conveyed in graphics, flyers, and other forms of media. Because our brains can process pictures and other visuals better than written words, graphic design gives a brand the ability to communicate messages to its audience more effectively.

Logo Design

Before marketing materials can start being produced to build a brand, a business needs a logo to pull everything together. A logo serves an abundance of purposes giving businesses a distinct identifier that works to generate brand recall. The more people see something, the more they will remember it. In addition to showcasing professionalism, a logo will give consumers a more accurate picture of how a company does business. It is important to find a designer who can effectively illustrate the necessary characteristics through one simple graphic. 

Social Media

Connecting with a customer base through social media is a great way to build credibility and foster positive experiences with consumers. Adopting the practice of publishing regular posts that users are drawn to increases the number of consumer interactions with a brand and helps to generate recall. Posting content that is attractive and appealing to the targeted audience will encourage engagement and show social media platforms the relevance of your business. With our social media design and management services, we can take your business’s online presence to the next level.

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Amarillo Independent School District encompasses approximately 70 miles of land between Potter County and Randall County in the Texas Panhandle. The district is made up of 56 different elementary, middle, high, alternative, and career & technology schools including Amarillo High School, Caprock High School, Palo Duro High School, and Tascosa High School.

Both Crockett Middle School and Bonham Middle School feed into Amarillo High School. Caprock High School’s students primarily come from Bowie Middle School and Fannin Middle School. Mann Middle School and Travis Middle School feed into Palo Duro High School. The most densely populated high school in Amarillo is Tascosa High School with three middle schools, including Austin Middle School, Houston Middle School, and de Zavala Middle School, feeding into it.


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Canyon ISD

Canyon Independent School District is made up of 23 different elementary, middle, and high schools. This includes Canyon High School, Randall High School, and West Plains High School.

Canyon ISD also has career and technology academies as well as two alternative education schools.

Other School Districts Within & Nearby

River Road Independent School District – 79108, located in north central Potter County and serves a northern portion of Amarillo past Loop 335.

Highland Park Independent School District (Amarillo, TX) – 79108, serves eastern PotterCounty and typically anything east of Whitaker Road.

Bushland Independent School District – 79012, Potter County

Panhandle Independent School District – 79068, Carson County

Happy Independent School District – 79042, Swisher County

Boys Ranch Independent School District – 79010, Oldham County

Claude Independent School District – 79019, Armstrong County

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