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Bring your A-game in all your business marketing ventures with 11 Marketing + Design. With the changing digital landscape, there are more ways than ever before to command the attention of consumers looking to purchase your products or use your services.

As an award-winning digital marketing agency, our services aim to elevate the online business development of our clients to new heights. Oftentimes as a business grows, there comes the point when the inefficiency of current marketing practices in place are no longer producing the results necessary to continue expanding. With our tactful digital marketing services, a number of local businesses in the areas we serve have broken through that barrier and become top companies in their local market. 

SEO Branding Website Design

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Services

Utilizing effective search engine optimization, or SEO, gives businesses optimal opportunities to target consumers who intend to purchase what they provide directly.

Proven to be one of, if not the most effective, way to increase ROI, SEO is an incredibly effective tool that can transform any business into a top competitor within their local market.

More likely than not, your competitors are using this strategy to rank in top spots on Google. Every search engine has their own set of favored guidelines to rank websites accordingly, but since Google is the one used most by people, it is crucial to tailor any SEO efforts to the search engine’s always-changing list of guidelines.

Local SEO

The two most prominent things Google is looking for when deciding which websites and profiles to rank first is the relevance to specific search queries and the proximity to the people making them. When users in a specific area make searches pertinent to products or services, the businesses with the best local SEO practices in place will show up first, making the biggest impact. In simple terms, local SEO makes it so consumers looking for what you sell can easily find you.

In the absence of personal recommendation, people will generally consult the internet to find businesses near them, and Google, as a means of local business discovery, is the go-to for most consumers looking to purchase things locally. People want to support their local economy by buying from businesses that are located in their community. 

Technical SEO

SEO is more than just writing content that communicates the intended purpose of a website to Google. It plays an essential role in the back-end development of a website. This is called technical SEO, which works by making a website more accessible for search engine bots. When bots can easily crawl the content of a website, it is easier to index in the correct categories. If your website isn’t indexed correctly, it won’t be shown to user’s who are looking for its content.

The structure of your website should be built around SEO characteristics favored by Google. ADA compliance and Responsive Web Design also contribute to how well Google ranks a website. These factors are incorporated into the website’s structure, and failing to include them will result in a low, unfavorable rank.

Google Business Profile Optimization

With Google being the top player in the search engine game, digital marketers have discovered ways to utilize the platform to attract consumers to their clients’ businesses.

To help consumers find what they’re looking for more efficiently, Google came out with a feature called Google Business (formerly Google My Business) aimed at the discovery of local businesses.

Through our Google Business Profile optimization service, we have been able to skyrocket the success of local businesses by putting them in front of consumers with an immediate intent to purchase. 

Rarely, if ever, do users click past the first page of results in order to find what they are looking for. Use this to your advantage and optimize your Google Business Profile with 11 Marketing + Design.

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Lubbock web designer

Website Design

A website serves as the virtual hub and, in some cases, the storefront of a business. The look, feel, and usefulness of a website should directly reflect the experience a business wants its customers to have with it.

Think about a physical store. When customers walk in, the atmosphere should feel welcoming and accommodating. The goal is to get them to stick around for as long as possible to see what there is being offered.

Professional website design does this on a virtual scale. This is an important aspect to consider since a large number of people will look to a business’s website to decide if they even want to bother visiting the actual store.

Lubbock web design from 11 Marketing + Design is the best way to get noticed in your area.

Responsive Web Design

Considering the number of user’s accessing websites using their mobile devices, a website must be developed several times in order to make it responsive to different screen sizes. This is accomplished through Responsive Web Design. As the number of smartphone and tablet users continues to increase, the need for responsive web design is that much more crucial. Studies have shown user’s are quick to leave a website that is not designed for a mobile screens when accessing it via smartphone. A large percentage reported feeling frustrated when attempting to navigate a badly designed website on their phone. Retain more mobile website visitors by fostering a pleasant experience. 

ADA Compliant Website Design

A business’ website is considered part of its public offering and, therefore, is required to follow ADA compliant guidelines. ADA compliance has historically encompassed the installation of wheelchair ramps, accessible bathroom stalls, and properly placed handrails. In order to meet ADA compliant requirements, a business must implement these measures in their physical storefront. For businesses, this means making sure its website is accessible to software, and tools individuals with physical impairments use to navigate the internet, such as screen readers, keyboard navigation systems, and captioning software. Keep your website up to par with ADA compliant web design.

E-Commerce Website Design

When a business operates completely online, and has no physical storefront, the design of its website is crucial to its success. E-commerce businesses need to focus efforts even more on the user experience than brick-and-mortar businesses since operations are solely taking place online. Unappealing and hard-to-navigate websites time and time again drive users away, and encourage them to look elsewhere. Here at 11 Marketing + Design, we work with a variety of platforms to design and host e-commerce websites. Depending on the industry, each website will need to incorporate a range of features to accommodate visitors. We can select an appropriate hosting platform and customize any website accordingly.

SEO-Friendly Website Design

We can help you put your best foot forward with both your customers and the search engines. We build websites that are designed to support any variety of online needs.

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Putting a personality behind your business is an excellent way to appeal to consumers, but knowing how to do this can pose some challenges if ill-equipped. 

Through a number of methods, businesses can effectively communicate a message to a targeted group of people. Using a logo, graphics, and social media posts, consumers can get a better idea of the values, beliefs, and goals of a business, helping them make educated decisions.

The overall goal of branding is to cultivate a loyal customer base, and provide a sustainable source of businesses. The companies that take the time to grow the brand tend to scale quicker than those that do not.

Graphic Design

Compelling visuals are an incredible way to appeal to the consumer and make an impression that will last. As humans, our brains are much more capable of holding onto information given to us in picture form rather than text. It is important to be able to effectively communicate a message to consumers in passing since that is how most people consume marketing materials. The goal of well-crafted visuals is to force viewers to remember elements of a business or its offerings. Therefore, the more eye-catching a graphic is, the harder it will be to forget. Using a skilled and capable graphic artist gives businesses a chance to do this by making quick and influential imprints on the minds of impressionable consumers.

Logo Design

Since the 1870s, logos have been an integral part of developing brand identity and cultivating recall among a target audience. Effective logo design works by showcasing the kind and quality of work a business is dedicated to providing. By investing in professional logo design, businesses are telling consumers they care about how they are presented. Caring about presentation communicates the message that you will work hard to maintain a good reputation, which all revolves around positive customer experiences. This is obviously an attractive trait to consumers because they, too, want to have positive experiences, so they will look to see which businesses are putting that message out there.

Social Media

As a large part of many people’s lives, social media is an excellent medium to use to build a brand. There are two ways to utilize social media, which include running paid ads and creating social profiles and pages. When done right, these tools work to target certain audiences to deliver a message, whether it be about sales, general business information, or anything else that businesses want to advertise. It might seem like a fairly simple task to create and manage social profiles and pages, but crafting content and knowing how to get a message across effectively is a complex process. Using trained social media professionals, you won’t have to worry about the details. Just sit back, relax, and watch your following grow.

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