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A business’s website serves as an online hub for pertinent information. When people click into your website, you want them to feel welcome, have an easy time navigating through, and stay on as long as possible.

People are judgmental, that is just a fact. It is natural for us to make split second judgments based on what is shown to us. When people access your site, it needs to be able to make a good impression.

It takes less than one full second for someone to form an opinion about a website once they open it. On top of that, 94% of people will judge the credibility of your business based on whether or not your web design is appealing and easily digestible.

The judgments people hold can work in your favor if you consult with a professional web designer to craft your website.

You better be giving them something good to look at, and easy to use, otherwise they’ll check out what your competitors have to offer.

Show off what you have to offer with professional web design

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St Luke Eye Institute


True Grit Industries


Lighthouse Funeral and Cremation Services


Townsquare Hair and Barber Studio


Virtual Office Search


A Better Place for Therapy


Dallas Pin Up Shop


Top Notch Outfitters


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Advanced BioCell


WilsonHaag, PLLC


We can help you in your journey.

As a matter of fact, we help a ton of clients better understand the online marketing ecosystem and how it can be leveraged to not only sustain your business, but help it thrive. Set up a FREE consult and we’ll be happy to show you just exactly how an online presence could best serve your business.

Custom Website Design for your Business

Need a Professional Web Designer?

If you are considering hiring a professional to design your website, you are already one step ahead of the game. We offer Amarillo web design and Lubbock web design in addition to our other services.

Business owners who invest in their website design and see the value a professional website can bring to the table are probably some of the top competitors in their industry. A professional will know all the best SEO practices to implement in order to make your website work in your favor.

Web design encompasses a wide range of skills and knowledge. Online tutorials or a quick read about the basics of web design will not be sufficient enough for someone to thoroughly and professionally develop a website. A website is only useful if people can easily find it and aren’t tempted to hit the back button once they enter.

Not everyone has an eye for design and when it comes to your website, you have very limited time to make an impression on a visitor. Your website must be designed to engage a user quickly and persuade them to keep looking around. It also needs to be accessible so visitors can navigate through with ease.

Hiring a professional web designer will be your best option. You won’t have to learn how to do it yourself or worry about not using the right SEO strategies. When you go with a pro, you can relax knowing that everything is going to be thoroughly taken care of.


Represent yourself accordingly

Consumers will make assumptions about the credibility of a business based on the design of its website. In fact, it only takes 50 milliseconds for a person to form a first impression of your business based on your website design. This means you could be losing potential clients to a poorly constructed website and sending them straight into your competitor’s arms.

People tend to question businesses with outdated websites or ones that are severely lacking any sort of appeal. Make sure you are putting out a good representation of your business by investing in professional web design.

Consider a professional

While it is entirely possible to make your own website, it probably isn’t the best option for a lot of people. You want your website to work in your favor. If it doesn’t have a professional touch to it, it could be doing just the opposite.

A professional web designer will be armed with additional knowledge that will help you to retain more visitors and rank you in top positions on search engine results pages (SERPs.)

Discoverability plays a huge part in how much traffic is directed at your website. Investing in proven SEO practices will help improve the discovery of your business through Google and other search engines.

Let them Judge

The quote “don’t judge a book by its cover” is highly popular and for good reason, but the undeniably judgmental nature of humans has made it almost impossible for us to avoid drawing split-second decisions based on what is perceived. 

It is in our natural instincts to judge things based on what we see, so when people visit your website, they will undoubtedly jump to conclusions about your business.

Consciously or not, humans are exceedingly reactionary to what they see. Humans are extremely visual creatures with half of our brain’s function being dedicated to the processing and analysis of the visual information.

Being able to peak the interest of a consumer and hold their attention is best done through images, graphics, or any other kind of visual element. This will also improve brand recall.

Google trends shows a 9900% increase in the use of visuals and graphics on the Internet since 2007. Business owners who are keen to this fact can use it to attract more business by producing compelling graphics to show to the public.

At 11 Marketing, we know that good web design includes captivating visuals that will draw in viewers and keep them coming back.

See your profits soar with professional web design for your business

Where can I find someone to build me a website?

Ready to take the next steps towards success? Up your game with a professionally designed website from 11 Marketing + Design. Give us a call today to set up a consultation so we can discuss your needs and come up with a plan of action.

Use responsive web design to make your website fit to screens of any size

Responsive Website Design

With the creation of the World Wide Web came a whole new way to distribute information.

As technology continues to advance, Internet accessible devices are beginning to take on more diverse screen sizes and proportions.

Before the Internet was accessible through a plethora of ways, web designers only had to consider how a website appeared on a computer screen.

Today, the process is much more complex. Websites need to be tailored to display information in an easy-to-digest way to retain more users.

There are a variety of smartphones and tablets available on the market today. A website must be able to accommodate each one of these devices so that people using them can interact with it.

The way to do this is with responsive website design. Websites that are “responsive” appear in a cohesive manner to those accessing them through smartphones or tablets. If your website is designed to display information that is readable on every screen, you position yourself to tackle a wider market of consumers.

ADA Compliant Websites

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law and advocates for and ensures the equal treatment of those with disabilities.

With the creation of the Internet came a new way for those with disabilities to be discriminated against, and 20 years after the ADA became law, the US Department of Justice published a list of guidelines applicable to Internet accessibility.

Websites that are used to represent businesses and government institutions as well as entities funded by the government are legally obligated to be accessible to everyone and follow the ADA compliant guidelines outlined by the federal government.

While you don’t have to worry about being jailed by the cops for failing to fall in line with ADA guidelines, you could potentially face a lawsuit from someone who is blind and cannot access the content on your website.

To avoid this kind of legal trouble, we keep track of updates and other things that could interfere with the accessibility of your website using a program that caters to software the blind use to navigate the world wide web.

Websites are required to be ADA compliant
Online stores need professional e-commerce web design

E-Commerce / Shopify Websites

Selling your products or services online is a great way to expand the reach of your business. A lot of people prefer to do their shopping online. To better accommodate these shoppers, creating a website designed specifically for e-commerce will go a long way in customer satisfaction.

An e-commerce website allows business owners to cut operating costs, increase their sales, and grow profit margins.

Websites designed for e-commerce help employ strategies to retain users and keep them engaged for a higher conversion rate. They also provide valuable insights into customers’ habits on your site so you can improve the things that aren’t working.

By using a website to facilitate the sale of your products and services, you access a whole new range of benefits. Customers don’t have to wait for your storefront to be open to buy things from you. You can also manage business at any time from anywhere and gauge what products that are selling best to more accurately determine trends in business.


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