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Technical SEO

So you’ve spent the time and money developing a beautifully crafted, aesthetically pleasing website, but you can’t seem to gain any visitors? Its infrastructure could be missing crucial elements.

Creating an attractive and engaging website is obviously an important part of operating a business. Getting it in a place that will generate traffic is a whole other ball game.

Alongside having content that is relevant to search queries made by its target market, a business’ website should include technical aspects that will rank it in a more favorable position as the result of organic searches.

Company websites that are skillfully optimized will appear in a high rank to consumers in close proximity who make searches that are applicable to that business. This is emphasized even more when local SEO is incorporated into the design.

Websites with technical SEO have a better chance at ranking in high positions
Technical SEO increases your chances to be found by consumers

Why do you need SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of incorporating different techniques into the design of a website that will make it appear in a higher ranking on search engines like Google when terms relevant to that website are searched.

While there are a handful of search engines that all use their own bots to crawl websites, it is most important to focus the majority of SEO efforts on Google. Google holds the largest percentage of the global search engine market share at 92.47% as of June 2021. Usage by country varies, but the massive popularity of Google holds true in the U.S.

Why is Technical SEO important?

Search engines possess bots called “crawlers,” also referred to as spiders, that scan web pages to accurately organize them into categories. These categories serve as an index so that when searches relevant to the pages content are made, they can easily locate and recover them to present on the results pages.

Technical SEO works to assist these crawlers in discovering and understanding websites. Ones that are the most accommodating for users will be effortlessly recognizable for these bots and encourage them to award the site a more favorable rank. A convenient user experience is basically a necessity these days with the quantity of different screens people use to access the Internet. This can be done through responsive web design.

There are a vast amount of factors that play into technically optimizing a website and each have their own purpose. Things like accessibility, responsiveness and structure are all paramount to the favorability of a website and can be properly carried out through the technical side of web creation. These things, among others, will help to increase the discoverability of your website when used correctly.

Websites that are accessible to disabled peoples and fall within ADA compliance guidelines are favored by web crawlers. The process of making a website ADA compliant is done through the technical aspect. This is also true when developing a website with responsive design. When a website is designed to be responsive, it will be more digestible for the user and web crawlers will be prompted to rank it in a more preferable position.

Bots and crawlers will rank your website better if it is more accessible and user-friendly

Will technical seo help my business?

Staying on top of your marketing game involves minding the technical aspects of your site first. Having someone to handle this work will save you countless hours and who knows how many headaches? It’s a big part of what we do and technical SEO is where we always start any project.

Technical SEO has to do with the structure, code, and build of a website

Is Technical SEO difficult?

It takes time to learn anything, and even longer to call yourself a master of the craft. While some would argue that technical SEO isn’t very hard to learn, it can be fairly difficult to understand due to its complexity.

Technical SEO ensures that the infrastructure of your website is as accessible as possible making it easy to use. Websites that web crawlers can seamlessly navigate through will always be ranked in higher positions than those they cannot.

This is just one component of SEO. The proper implementation of these practices can get overwhelming. On its own, technical SEO is made up of a broad range of factors.

Some web designers make the mistake of relying on their on-page SEO to get the job done and neglecting technical parts. Web crawlers are unable to crawl and index a site if it isn’t made with accessibility and technical SEO in mind.


Both poorly designed and outdated websites can have technical issues that are difficult to identify. Your site could just be needing a few simple updates or it could be missing important elements like following ADA compliant guidelines. This can be detrimental to the integrity of your website and put you at risk for a lawsuit.

We want to help you avoid any potential threats to you and your business. By uncovering any problem areas, we can make any improvements necessary to fully optimize the infrastructure of your website.

What characteristics of a website improve Technical SEO?

Websites that are quick to load, easy to navigate, and readily accessible for anyone and everyone contain technical aspects that allow for these features. If every web page of a website has both on-page and technical SEO included in the design, it will generate a much higher rank than if these things were neglected.

A lot of business owners, and even some web designers, don’t have a well-rounded understanding of SEO or the importance it carries. If SEO is not something that is focused on during the development of a website, then that website will have trouble ranking rendering it basically useless.

When a website lacks essential functions of SEO, the only purpose it really serves is to exist. It does not possess the capability of being found.

If you aren’t generating traffic, your website has no use.

Different technical aspects are required in order to fully optimize a website

Cater to web crawlers

Technical SEO encompasses a broad range of factors that play into the functioning of a website. Javascript, the structure of URLs, redirect pages, and more are all examples of what goes into the technical side of a website.

The way your website is laid out is crucial to everything else that plays into its optimization. Once your website is set up to cater to our crawling friends, then we can incorporate an SEO strategy to make it easily detectable.

In order to make a website navigable for bots, indexing issues with any page must be found and fixed. Home pages are typically fairly easy to get categorized by search engines, but pages that are located through multiple clicks are likely to have problems.

First and foremost, the structure of a website must be laid out in a way that accommodates web crawlers. Issues with indexing can be a result of web crawlers not being able to navigate each web page properly. Avoid this by using a skilled web developer to design and create your website.

Be wary of false promises

Another problem that can harm a websites ranking is the presence of duplicate content.

If every single page of a website has its own unique flare with no repeating sentences, then there is nothing to worry about. Sites that are heavy on the repetition of phrases and paragraphs run a high risk of being ranked in a grossly disadvantageous spot.

Skilled web creators are aware of this and how it can do harm to a business’ SEO efforts. There is a widely insufficient knowledge of SEO among the general public. Some who call themselves web designers will take advantage of this fact and do the very least to make a quick buck.

You should be able to notice a positive difference in website traffic and overall business in a reasonable amount of time after sufficient SEO tactics are built into your website. If you aren’t, something is wrong.

Business owners are plenty busy with other aspects, but we can help with marketing and technical SEO

Focus On Your Business

The criteria for SEO is always changing and can feel like a burden if you have to keep up with it yourself. Business owners can often feel as if they are drowning with the amount of things they are tasked with throughout their work days and the last thing they want to do is master a new skill.

11 Marketing + Design can take care of all your Technical SEO needs with our team of experts. Our professionals are proficient in all types of SEO, technical SEO included. We take pride in our abilities to optimize any website and love helping the businesses we work with grow and expand.

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