Powerful Ranking Method for Google Business Profiles that Works!


Google Maps SEO

Most business owners already have a listing on Google Business, but those that don’t are missing an important step in the business building process.

Every business requires some avenue to get the word out about their services, and the easiest, most cost-effective way to do this is by using Google Maps SEO.

Your responsibility as a business owner is to provide your target customers with information necessary for them to find you. When consumers want to know where in their local community they can go to buy what they need, they use Google.

Google has its own feature that allows businesses to distribute their information (business hours, phone number, address, etc.) to people looking for it. This is where most people will go when choosing a local business to visit. You want to sit at the top of these listings to reach the most consumers possible.

Powerful Ranking Method for Google Business Profiles that Works!
Example of Google Business Profile that has been optimized

What is Google Business?

As the most visited website across the globe, Google is great for attracting new customers and making more sales. The Google Business Profile feature is how most people decide on a local business to buy from.

Having a listing on Google Business Profile increases your chances of attracting visitors from your community by 70%. This is because listings are shown on search engine results pages (SERPs) and in Google Maps before anything else when a local discovery search is made.

Using Google Maps SEO helps your listing reach the top, which is where it needs to be in order to be effective.

Managing your profile is just as important as creating it. These listings give consumers a better idea of where to shop. Profiles that have optimum amounts of accurate information are the ones that appear more credible and are listed closer to the top.

Notice how I said “accurate.”

Inaccurate information can both hurt your ranking and your customer satisfaction rate. Part of the process of Google Maps SEO is making sure your phone numbers, addresses, and hours of operation are the same across the Internet.

Customer Engagement

Creating and continuing to stay active on your Google Business Profile account will allow you to better engage with your customers which, in turn, will give consumers a better perception of your business.

Google Business Profile contains a section owners can use to fill out information on products and services. You can even include pricing information if you please. People like seeing their options and presenting them with your offerings and how much they cost is the most convenient way to do this.

Another way to effectively engage consumers is to link your business’ social media pages to your Google Business listing.

Social media presence is an excellent way to drive engagement and increase traffic to your business. It also allows for customers to get to know more about you. People are much more receptive when shown authenticity and transparency. Social profiles give businesses the chance to showcase this.

Reviews Drive Commerce

In order to increase engagement, encourage customers to leave reviews whether they’re positive or negative. You should also be responding to each review. Review Trackers reported that 45% of consumers are more likely to visit a business that responds to negative reviews. It is not enough to just dish out a response though.

To really make an impact, a quicker response time as well as a more consistent response rate can result in an even better outcome. Another study showed that the top 10% of brands across the industries sampled were more quick and consistent with their responses than others.

While it’s never fun to receive negative reviews online, it has been found that businesses with more reviews generate 54% more revenue according to a Search Engine Land report. That’s not saying you want your business to garner negative reviews, but one bad review shouldn’t make you worry.

You should, however, be responding to those reviews with an upbeat tone. Thank the reviewer for taking time out of their day to tell you of any problems addressed within their review and be on your way.

Being able to handle and respond to criticism shows that you are willing to listen to the opinions of others. This helps cultivate trust among your brand and form relationships with customers.

What are the benefits of Google Business Profile?

A Google Business profile allows for you to gain insights on your business. You can see what kind of people you are attracting as well as how well your business performs in local search rankings.

You are also able to see how pictures on your listing compare to other businesses as well as what people are looking at on your profile. This will help you modify your approach to your target market and aid in bringing in more interested customers.

Specific insights such as whether customers are finding you through Google Maps or through a Google search can be viewed as well. With a better understanding of how people interact with you, steps can be taken to improve your Google Maps SEO.

Harness the power of your Google Business Profile listing and watch the money roll in.

Google Business Insights is our 'go-to' tool for measuring Google Maps SEO campaign results.

How do i get help with my google business profile?

It’s as simple as reaching out to us through the site, emailing us, or calling. Each Google Maps SEO Campaign focuses on your online presence and maximizing your business’ relevance. This is by far the best long term online marketing investment you can make. 


Everyone Loves a Task Made Simple

Being easy to work with is a trait every consumer appreciates. By facilitating seamless interactions and working with people’s needs, you can cultivate a better reputation for your brand and grow your customer base.

You always want to provide your business address. Once users have decided to pay you a visit, they’ll need to know where to go. Contact information is also crucial to give out. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a 61% increase in calls made using Google Business Profile.

The “Call Now” button allows users to give you a ring at the single tap of a button making for a positive, user-friendly experience. If your goal is to get people to visit your website, the same logic applies when you include a link to it in your profile. This is just one component of what we cover in our Google Maps SEO Campaigns.

Boost Your Credibility

Businesses that appear more credible are much more likely to attract customers. People want the comfort of knowing that the places and people they are doing business with are trustworthy. By adding extra things to your Google Business Profile like pictures and responses to customer reviews, consumers will be able to get a better grasp on your business.

Humans are observant and somewhat ruled by the subconscious mind. We know what is pleasing to our eyes and what isn’t even if we might not fully understand why. Appeal to people’s aesthetics by using pictures in your Google Business Profile.

Never leave photos out of your Google Business Profile. Pictures allow you to show off your offerings which will attract more clients. Businesses with 12 or more photos on their Google Business Profile have been shown to appear two times more reputable and have seen a 17% increase in revenue per visitor.

Google Maps SEO

Google My Business Optimization turns your listing into a one-stop informational hub that gives users all possible details about your business. It helps businesses become more discoverable and, in turn, boosts credibility and drives revenue growth.

Providing a positive experience to your customers leaves a good impression and helps you receive referrals and reviews as well as create recurring customers.

More visibility is the ideal way to organically increase your business's bottom line.
Google Maps SEO is the #1 tool out there for helping local businesses be recognized.

Who should be on Google Business?

If you run a business, there is no question that you should be utilizing Google Business Profile.

Users learn of local businesses through the Internet 97% of the time. The majority of those discoveries are being made through Google Business Profile.

Simply having a profile makes you more discoverable, but Google Maps SEO is often overlooked as a means of digital marketing, however this is a major mistake. Companies that sit at the top of these Google Business Profile listings enjoy being top competitors in their industry.

Captivate Your Audience

A Google Business Profile listing gives business owners the opportunity to personalize their listing. It is set up to help users easily find, locate, and contact businesses when searching for the things they provide.

It takes less than a minute for users to book services using Google Business Profile and allows the convenience of doing so in less than a minute. You should also be encouraging satisfied customers to leave reviews through Google since it is the most popular review outlet.

Google Maps SEO might not be something you want to tackle by yourself, and that’s ok. We are here to do it for you.

By employing strategies that are guaranteed to maximize the reach of your Google Business Profile, 11 Marketing + Design can help increase your visibility and grow your business. Reach out to us today!

Responding to your customers on Google Business Reviews is a great way to show the public that you care.