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Social Media Design

It’s no secret how ingrained social media is into our lives today. People have been increasingly using social media as a source of entertainment, business, social interaction, and news for years.

Using social media design to market your business is a no brainer. It allows you to target specific audiences and interact with them.

When you scroll through social media, you’ll notice paid ads that are tailored to your specific interests. Social media platforms use information given to them through your smartphone to keep the ads you see as relevant to your interests as possible. You’ll also come across paid promotions by influencers and other pages that have high followings.

Companies do this because they see the value social media design brings to their business.

With no physical limitations, the reach social media can give to a business is far. They can engage with people in their community as well as those who are far away. Using social media can also give business owners important insights on current trends in their target audiences behavior.

Attract more customers with social media design
Posting engaging content on social media gives your audience a chance to interact with you

Social Media Design & Management for Business Growth

Our world is on social media now more than ever before. Over 4 billion people in the world have active social media accounts across different platforms.

Through social media, businesses are able to directly market their products and services to their target audience. Users are spending, on average, about two and a half hours scrolling through different social media outlets each day. Use this to your advantage with custom social media design to make you stand out to viewers.

Facebook is where a lot of consumers have been going to read reviews on business and look for recommendations. If someone wants to check out your social profiles to see what people are saying about you, it is important to give them a good impression with your social media design.

Connecting with your audience through social media is a great way to build credibility and customer loyalty. Being active on your profiles can feel like a job in itself, so if you don’t feel like you would have the time to do this yourself, look into how social media management can benefit you.

Social media professionals are trained to work with all the different platforms out there. Since people are constantly bouncing around from different ones, a professional can pick out the most popular ones among the people you want to sell to and optimize your presence.

People trained to handle social media management should also be equipped with the necessary knowledge to complete research that will help them keep up with the latest trends to implement into your social media design.

Don’t neglect your socials. Make them work for you.

Build Brand Awareness

A presence on social media can help to foster a better recall with your audience.

In order to engage with consumers, you need to be putting out enticing content that they will want to interact with. The whole point of social media is to be social. People want to feel a personality behind businesses and social profiles give companies an easy way to enforce their brand identity.

Your brand should be representative of what your business is about. It should show a person your professionalism, what you do, and what you value. These ideas can be reinforced through your social media design. Expressing these things through your social profiles will also lead to a higher level of engagement with your followers.

It is important to post content that is both relevant to your business and interesting to look at. Short and catchy taglines are the best way to get your message across in a memorable way. Sometimes it can be hard coming up with the right words to say. If this is how you regularly feel when running your social accounts, consider social media management for your business.

A social media manager can create engaging content to post for your followers. There are some secrets to posting effectively on social media. Certain times on certain days have proven to give users more visibility when posting, but these are constantly changing. A trained professional will have the skills to keep up with these trends and use them to an advantage in your social media design.

Importance of
Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness pays off in terms of market share
It is crucial to building trust with clients
It drives traffic to your website
It speeds up and increases sales

Get Connected

Making consumers feel valued by forming meaningful connections with them can boost the reputation of your business and attract a new wave of customers.

People will see your business as more approachable and friendly when you employ an effective social media design and post content that feels relatable. It works even better if you can get your followers to share your content so their followers can also see it.

Another great advantage of social media is the direct messaging features. When people want to reach out to you, they will be able to send you a quick message on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social profile you might have. This opens new channels of communication with customers, and can give you a better idea of what your clients need.

Stay informed

There is so much you can learn about your business and how the public interacts with it through your business’ social media accounts. You can analyze and address the things that seem to be working and those that don’t.

With a good reputation to back you, people will want to do business with you. Generating that sense of credibility will go a long way in building a loyal following.

There are also tools that allow you to study how effective your marketing efforts are across different social platforms. To determine your weak spots, you can use these features to see what is getting you the most engagement and how your followers are responding to your presence.

Which social media platform is best for business?

Any social media platforms that are popular with the majority of people need to be utilized by businesses. As the social media platform with the most users, Facebook is a necessity. Facebook allows you to keep your followers updated with timeline posts, fill out business information for your profile, and better engage with consumers.

To better determine which platforms to use, do some research behind the social media that is most popular with your target audience.

For example, a home renovation company would benefit the most from having a Pinterest account where they can post original ideas and blogs. A tech company would probably fit better on a platform like Reddit where they can join in on forums and discussions among specific communities.

Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok also offer their own advantages. You should be focused on engagement throughout all of your profiles, but there are specific platforms that have proven to work better at facilitating interactions with consumers.

Broaden your reach

Most of the world’s population is connected on social media somehow. Within the American population alone, over 80% have social media accounts on at least one platform. This by itself makes social media a great tool to expand your reach.

Some social media outlets allow for better channels of engagement. Twitter, for example, is a great place to join in on people’s conversations, although this must be done with a certain approach. Unwarranted and unhelpful advice or conversations with users could potentially do more harm than good, but 93% of people on Twitter say they welcome interactions with brands.

Being present and active all necessary social media platforms will help to further broaden your reach

Want to up your social media game?

We can help you get your strategy sorted and develop new content, design the posts, and schedule them to be ready to go. Our process allows you to sit back and focus on running your business.

Managing social media is a job in itself, so hiring a social media manager is a good business move

Social Media Management

Leverage your social media accounts

A lot more goes into running a social media account for a brand than just simply posting pictures. One crucial aspect includes making sure all the information you present is accurate so you aren’t misleading any customers.

Remember to update any changes that may occur with your business like if you move to a new location or get a new phone number. Every detail about your business should be accurate and identical across the Internet.

It is also necessary to make sure you are responding to any comments made by users whether they are positive or not. People expect you to be addressing the problems that may come up. In fact, doing so increases your chances of retaining and making new customers.

Get the most out of social media design

Being active on social media has a plethora of benefits for businesses. It provides an easier and more convenient way to interact with consumers and learn more about their preferences and values.

You want to know what your customers expect from you so you can make any changes necessary to meet their needs.

If you are wanting to get even more out of your social media presence, paid advertising is available across different platforms. Some businesses even pay, or “partner” with, individual content creators to promote their products or services to their thousands of followers.

You should also be analyzing what is effective and what is not. Different programs allow you to see how well things are working for you. This can help in improving your social media design.

Put Yourself at an Advantage

Social media design is an excellent way to increase the exposure of a business. The convenience it provides coupled with its ability to effectively spread information makes it the perfect outlet for marketing a business.

You can use social media for a number of things. If you want to generate more traffic to your website, you can include relevant links to your site in your posts and put it in your profiles. You can also use it to advertise any items or discounts you might be promoting and interact with users from all over.

Putting the time in to get the most out of your business’ social media accounts is well worth the effort. If you haven’t been seeing the results you’ve been looking for, seek out a trained professional to create engaging content and boost your presence.

Let 11 Marketing + Design do this for you. Our social media experts know all the tips and tricks to make your business stand out and attract a large following.

Using social media for your business is a great way to attract business