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An expertly crafted logo design can bring more value to a business than most probably realize. Having an attention grabbing logo design is one of the top ways to cultivate a greater recall of your brand.

There are innumerable other aspects to running a business than just creating a logo. We know that. We also know how time consuming and brain numbing it can be to come up with the perfect logo design for your business.

Why not hand it off to a professional?

Your logo will be one way for people to identify your business. Keeping your logo design in line with your industry, but unique enough to stand out of a crowd can be tough to do.

You need something that is going to make people remember you. Something that they can’t help but to recall.

The art of figuring out how to stand out while still painting an accurate picture of what you do can be tricky. A well-versed logo designer can help to solidify an idea that will do both of these things.

Remember, your logo design will be presented across all digital and physical materials put out by your business for public consumption. Make it a good one.

Attract a larger audience with a solid logo design
A logo is an essential part to any branding strategy

What is a logo?

A logo serves many functions. It is a customized graphic that is used to symbolize your business. Normally, companies use a picture or some sort of identifying feature of a business to include in their logo. This could be a mascot, a symbol, or something that is indicative of the industry that company is part of.

There are two kinds of logo design: logotype and logomark. A logotype is a logo that is centered around the name or initials of a company. Google uses a logotype. A logomark is a logo centered around a symbol or image. Apple is a great example of this.

Some logos use both image and text like Pepsi does. Understanding the value of both is important when considering the type of logo you want your business to be recognized for.

Need a logo design?

Staying in the top of your customers’ minds is always a valuable asset for any business. We have seasoned designers with tons of ideas and abilities to match. You might just be amazed on what we can facilitate for you if you give us an idea of what you might be looking for.

The process of logo design can get difficult when trying to portray so much with so little

Professional Logo Design Services

Creating a logo goes hand-in-hand with building your brand. While building a brand is so much more than just a logo, the logo for your business will be a huge player in how your brand is represented.

Branding is the action of building a positive reputation and perception of your business to the public by fostering a positive experience for customers. A sure way to solidify your brand is to create a fitting logo.

Your logo will serve a variety of purposes, one of which is providing distinguishability to you among your competitors. You need your logo to stand out from the competition to effectively demonstrate what your business provides as well as the values and beliefs of your business. Being able to effectively communicate what your business is all about through a simple logo will put you a step ahead of the competition.

The trick to creating a good logo is using a combination of simplicity and creativity. For example, most people would be able to recognize the Nike logo even though it is just a simple check mark. The Nike swoosh is a check mark. A check mark is associated with the meaning of doing something correctly.

The slogan that goes along with the logo, “Just do it” provides another layer of motivating simplicity. The vagueness of this slogan also allows for a wide interpretation which caters to a larger audience because it can apply to just about anything.

Don’t feel like working out? Just do it. Don’t feel like cooking dinner tonight? Just do it! It is a positive motivator that gives the viewer a little extra push and shows them that Nike values the hard work of others. It showcases how Nike cares about the success of their customer base and wants to supply them with motivation to complete their goals.


Today, there are numerous companies utilizing multiple logos for their brand. This is known as variable or responsive logo design and it encourages companies to have multiple logos for different locations.

These logos are located on different pieces of advertising such as billboards, on social media, on their company website, and much more.

Because of the range of designs this allows a business to use, it provides a wider opportunity for brand recognition among consumers and allows for the business owner to modify logos to fit certain marketing materials.

Humans are attracted to visuals and process things we see much better than things we read. People tend to remember 80% of what they see as opposed to 20% of what they read, so it is best to utilize this aspect of our nature to the advantage of your business.

What makes a good logo?

Logos come in all shapes and sizes and all serve a variety of functions. On top of being an identifier for your business, a logo also helps to imprint on people’s minds so that they can have a better recall of your brand.

Since our subconscious minds control 95% of our thinking, a logo is a great way to make people remember you even if they aren’t aware that they do. What you use in your logo should be accurately representative of you, your values, and your promises. People want to know they can trust the business they are buying from. Showing them who you are through your logo is a great way to do this.

An example of a subtly effective logo is Tostitos. The two t’s within the word are made to look as if two people are eating chips together. The togetherness builds a sense of solidarity and leaves viewers with a warm, fuzzy feeling. Their logo is so simple, yet so subconsciously impactful.

A good logo design will make you stand out from the competition while also being indicative of what you provide. It shouldn’t be cliché or repetitive, and it also shouldn’t be so complicated that people can’t tell what your business is. If your logo just looks like everyone else in your industry, there won’t be any distinguishability for your brand, and you’ll fall right into the sea of faces.

Think creatively

The process of creating a fitting logo for your business is not easy. It can be a struggle to decide what aspects of your business you want it to display and then figuring out how to fit all of that into something you are proud to say is yours.

How people take to the appearance of your logo will determine its efficacy. Research has found that 60% of consumers avoid brands with ugly, unattractive, and odd logos even if those businesses have good reviews. Doing too much with your logo or even too little can harm potential customers’ view of your business’ brand and identity.

A well designed logo should be accurately representative of your business
It is much easier to cultivate brand recall with a uniquely designed logo

How a professionally designed logo can benefit your business

Would you rather be surviving, or thriving?

Let’s not downplay how far a logo can take a business. Recognizable brands enjoy exposure through textless logos on a regular basis.

The McDonalds logo, which is a pair of golden arches, is distinct and incredibly identifiable among the entire world population (with exceptions.) While this is a massively famous world-wide food chain, the goal is to have a logo for your business that people can recognize regardless of whether it clearly displays your name or not.

You should be giving consumers an accurate first impression of your business with your logo. One that is well developed and cohesively understandable will show people all they need to know about a business.

This study implies that 42% of consumers believe they can gauge the kind of brand personality a business wants to convey based on their logo. This means it is absolutely crucial to make your logo as representative of your business as possible so consumers don’t feel misled and can form accurate impressions.

Large companies don’t question the power of their logo. A lot of businesses rework their logos over the years to better fit what is popular. An example of this is Pizza Hut. This helps to develop a sense of capability. When you keep up with trends and show people you can adapt, it shows you are more willing to go the extra mile and take care of all of their needs.

With a poorly designed logo, you could be giving off the wrong impression of incompetence. A good way to go about finding a fitting design is to look at your competitors and see what they are not doing that you could do better. You want to stand out while showing you are proficient in meeting the needs of your customers.

Putting a good representation of your business out through your logo design shows you care about the way you appear. It’s kind of like dressing for the job. No one wants to employ someone who comes into their interview looking disorderly and unprofessional, but they will take the put-together and polished applicants more seriously.

Establishing your business’ identity through the creation of a unique logo will give you a leg up in the business world. Most every business has some type of logo. Afterall, you have to have something to put on your website and store sign.

Get an experienced designer to craft an original piece for your business to dominate your market.

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