Implement a branding strategy that actually works



Cultivating a following is something that can launch a business to the height of success. Reinforcing what you want your company to represent and the standards you hold will best target the people you want to sell to and who want to buy from you. The way you accomplish this is through branding. 

Branding is more than just a good logo and some promotional items, in today’s society, being present on social media is a huge player in developing a brand identity. It’s really all about the customer experience. Being relatable and engaging with your audience through your social profiles builds your likability and trustworthiness among consumers. 

Companies that cultivate a more memorable experience for consumers and consistently recreate that same feeling within them have been shown enjoy a 23% increase in sales revenue.

When people remember you, and, even better, have had a good experience with you, your business will be the first to come to mind when someone around them is looking for what you offer. 

Larger companies like Coca-Cola have done an excellent job branding themselves. In parts of the south, many people refer to soda as “coke.” Think of the kind of impact you would have to have over the soft drink industry if large areas of the nation referred to carbonated beverages as your brand name. 

Branding is the best way to increase customer loyalty and build a hot following.

Branding puts a "face" to your business

Branding may not be something of high importance to small business owners, but failing to create a brand identity could be holding them back from the floodgates of success.

More goes into branding than just designing a logo or making a social media post every now and then. It allows you to make your business feel more personal so that consumers feel like they can relate to it which makes them want to shop with you.

Without a solid branding strategy, making your business something your target market can relate to can feel impossible.

An original brand identity will help increase your popularity among your audience and bring in more customers by engaging with them through the expression of your ideas and values.

Successful brands build credibility

Building a brand encompasses a few different aspects. One of the first things you probably want to do is get a professionally designed logo that helps to establish your business.

Finding a skilled graphic designer to both do this and produce visually compelling materials to release on social media and your website will help to reestablish your name among the public.

Research has shown most people feel more connected to a brand who is present and consistent on social media.

Finding the most effective routes to engage with customers will help to better nurture these connections. Your target market is more than likely concentrated on a specific social media platform, so make sure you are utilizing them all to your advantage.

Be distinctive, authentic, and memorable

There are many things a brand does for a business. Branding your business gives it a sense of authenticity, something people specifically seek out. Consumers want to feel like they are getting something no one else can.

On top of creating pleasant and authentic experiences for people, your brand will help you to be more memorable and distinct. When consumers can pick you out among your competitors, then you can say you’ve made it.

This is a good way to gauge if your branding efforts are working or not. Tools on social media that allow you to look into follower insights are another good way to measure your branding success.

If you aren’t seeing results from your marketing practices, it might be time to kick it up a notch.


Take advantage of our attraction to visuals by putting out eye-catching graphic design

Graphic Design

Successfully developing a brand requires the use of skillfully crafted graphic design not only to create a logo, but to make powerful visual material as representation.

The art of graphic design is not something just anybody can do. Someone with a background and a proven portfolio will be able to efficiently communicate the concepts and ideas you want to display through interesting and eye-catching visuals.

Showcasing your business through graphic design aids the brain in recall. When consumers are aware of your brand and are in need of your goods or services, they’ll think of you first.

Unless you have an artistic background and are well-versed in Adobe Illustrator, it might be in your best interest to hire a professional graphic designer. The skills they bring to the table can make your content more appealing to your viewers and get you the most out of your efforts.

Why should I invest in graphic design?

Graphic design is great for establishing a brand identity for your business and making good first impressions with prospective clients and recurring customers.

Visuals are better to use when wanting to get a point across quickly. The brain can process an image much faster than it can comprehend text. Because of this, using graphic design is an excellent way to turn heads and cultivate brand recall.

Showing how you stand out from the competition is just another perk.

Our graphic designs pay attention to detail and are highly skilled in all aspects of graphic design. We will work to put together aesthetically pleasing and attention graphics for your business.

Business Cards
Social Media

Logo Design

Logos are an essential first step in any branding campaign. When discussing branding, most people’s minds immediately think of logo design.

A logo works to help solidify your brand and make it recognizable. Your logo should be both indicative of what you do and give you a sense of originality. Being unique with your design is something that can be tricky when trying to find a happy medium.

Since your logo will be seen by a large audience through social media, signage, and promotional items, as well as your website and business cards it needs to be something to remember. There is a much higher likelihood people will be able to pick you out from the competition if you show your own sense of authenticity and originality in your logo.

By investing in your logo design, you are communicating to your customers that you care about the quality of service you provide and are establishing ownership by displaying it across all your marketing materials.

Most people have an idea of what they want their logo to look like, but some business owners don’t even know where to begin. A professional logo designer can help round out what you need in your logo and can make it come to life.

Logos need to be designed with purpose and intention
Reinforcing a brand has never been easier than with the use of social media

Social Media

With social media being a large player in many entities of daily life, including business, it is crucial to understand the importance of connecting with your audience through various outlets and doing so in a way that makes you stand out among your competition.

One study found that businesses who were consistent in their presentation of their brand across different social media platforms saw a 33% increase in revenue.

When you put the time and creative thought into utilizing social media to build your brand, this is not a hard accomplishment. Social media is a great source of information consumers use to do a number of things. It can be used as a business marketing tool if carried out correctly.

Making sure your social media accounts present an accurate and authentic image of your business will create a long lasting impression on those who come across it.

Determining which social media platforms are right for your business and using those as your main areas of focus will benefit you more than trying to juggle all hats at once.

Each platform has key demographics that use it so tailoring your social media presence to best target the demographic that fits your audience will get you much farther than trying to relate to everyone.

The content you publish should also reflect this and be as engaging as possible to create a longer lasting impression. This means your posts should contain quick snippets of information that are easy to remember. What you chose to post should convey the message you want to send in the simplest, yet most engaging way possible.

Company branding to expand your business

We have mastered the art of branding here at 11 Marketing + Design and offer services in Amarillo and Lubbock in addition to working with clients from all over.

Having a clear and consistent branding strategy will make your business appear more professional, credible, and established. Putting the effort into coming up with and executing a branding strategy gives you the benefit of standing out in your industry and showing people who you are and what you stand for.

Without a well-developed, consistent brand, you could be unintentionally stunting the growth of your business. In order to grow and develop their businesses, 77% of B2B (business to business) marketers said creating a strongly developed branding strategy was crucial.

Acquiring the skill set to fully understand what it takes to cultivate a brand requires time and innovation – time and innovation that could be better utilized in the many other facets of running a business.

When you feel as if it’s impossible to find the time to do all these things in order to grow your business, find someone who does. We’re here to help you take your business to the next level and then even farther.

Branding techniques need to be accurately representative of your business and its values