Personalized Digital Marketing Strategies

Need a logo design? Promotional items? New website design with advanced SEO? Whatever your digital marketing needs, you’re in the right place.

If you’re looking to reach a larger audience, there is no better way than by utilizing the internet. A number of studies have shown just how effective online presence is when growing a business.

We offer services catered to each of our client’s individual needs and specialize in online business development for an even wider reach.

Google is the most visited website in the world making SEO one of the top methods of digital marketing among businesses.


One of the biggest ways people look for local businesses is by searching on the internet, and according to research done by HubSpot, 75% of internet users do not scroll past the first page of search results… ever.

What does that mean for businesses that don’t even show up on the first page?

It is rare for businesses today to solely survive on word of mouth marketing alone. 

The good news is that technological developments and the rise of digital marketing have made the internet one of the most efficient and affordable ways to reach a target audience.

Businesses with heavy competition have a much better chance of keeping up if their website, or better, their Google Business Profile, rank in top spots when the products or services they offer are searched for.

By implementing a superior SEO strategy, businesses can easily dominate a market.

Bring your A game

When you’re serious about being the best in the biz, implementing a digital marketing campaign complete with local SEO, technical SEO, and Google Business Profile Optimization is what will help you get to the top. 

High rankings on SERPs give business an even larger opportunity to shine in the spotlight. Time and time again, Google proves to be the number one way consumers discover local businesses. People are increasingly looking to the search engine for local solutions for their needs.

Putting yourself directly in front of consumers with an immediate need for what you offer is the best way to keep business rolling. A variety of digital marketing tactics can help to accomplish this. When you optimize your website in conjunction with your Google Business Profile, you put your business in a better position to have the right of first refusal.

Why would anyone want to refuse business?

Believe it or not, the volume of phone calls rolling in as a result of optimizing a business’s website and Google Business Profile can become overwhelming. We have had to put several of our client’s campaigns on hold due to the amount of business being generated as a result.

If this sounds like the kind of problem you would like to have, investing in a solid SEO strategy is the best means to get there.

Broaden your audience

Merely two years following its creation, Google became the most popular search engine in the world. As the industry’s leading producer, Google owns over 90% of the search engine market share, making it a powerful force for digital marketing. 

The search engine giant is responsible billions of searches a day. When people make queries relevant to your business, you want to be at the top of Google’s radar. Putting suitable SEO strategies in place on your website and Google Business Profile will help to achieve this.

The optimization of your website can affect the ranking of your profile. Google looks to your website to more accurately understand what your business does, where it is located, and who to present it to in which contexts. There are a number of ways to provide Google with this information, but the easiest and by far most effective, is using SEO. 

Are SEO & web design important in digital marketing?

Strong SEO and an enticing website mean a heightened level of brand awareness among your target audience. Putting effort into the design of a website is rendered useless when users have no way of discovering it. 

Make sure to keep those roadblocks at bay with the most advanced search engine optimization from 11 Marketing + Design.

Google Maps SEO

The equalizer

Take control of your digital marketing with Google Business Profile Optimization.

As a small local business, it can be hard to compete with industry giants that continue taking up the market. Google Business is a chance to stand out from the rest.

Google’s Business Profile feature allows consumers with an immediate intent to purchase to find some of the best businesses in their area at the click of a button. 

These profiles give businesses a convenient way to distribute pertinent information to those looking for it. It is extremely important to ensure all information is kept up-to-date and accurate. Failing to do so could result in poorer rankings and less website traffic.

Filling out every last detail will further increase your chances of sitting at the top of relevant search results, and taking it a step farther with Google Business Profile Optimization will help solidify that rank.

A lot goes in to running a business, but it takes even more to make it successful. Free yourself from juggling all the hats with 11 Marketing + Design’s award-winning Google Business Profile Optimization services.

We have helped transform small businesses into top competitors in their local industry all by improving their digital marketing efforts.

Powerful Ranking Method for Google Business Profiles that Works!
Full-scale web design goes above and beyond for your business.

Web Design

Dress to Impress

Business’ websites serve as the hub of every single digital marketing campaign that is put in place, and play a major role in fostering a good customer experience.

Upon entering a storefront, customers expect an appealing and welcoming atmosphere. The same thing applies to a website.  

Focusing attention on the user experience is a helpful tool for generating business. Customers remember how a business makes them feel. Positive experiences create repeat customers that give glowing reviews and refer others.

A lot of consumers will have their first interaction with a business through its website and make judgements about it based on navigability and appearance. 

The formatting must be consistent and clean across a variety of devices, especially mobile. Otherwise you risk losing a considerable amount of traffic.

Make sure you are sending the right message to your customers with professional web design by 11 Marketing + Design.

Responsive Web Design

Websites must be accommodating to users, and the ability to reformat to phone screens is one thing that helps to accomplish this. It should be simple to navigate through a website, despite the device it is being viewed on. Having to pinch and scroll is off-putting to customers and will encourage them look elsewhere for what they need. To cover all our bases, we design websites three individual times to accommodate desktop, tablet, and smartphone screens. This is called Responsive Web Design, and helps to retain a larger number of visitors while improving on the customer experience.

ADA Compliance Website Design

People with disabilities often rely on downloaded software to access the internet. Because of this, it is important to make sure your website falls in line with ADA compliant guidelines in order to accommodate this audience. Business websites that fail to do so can become vulnerable to lawsuits and develop poor reputations. It has been ruled by the US courts time and time again that a business’s website is part of its public offering, meaning it is subject ADA compliance. ADA Compliant Website Design is necessary for any business that wants to maintain a good image.

E-Commerce / Shopify Web Design

During the pandemic, consumers were forced to shop online, and many businesses turned to e-commerce to stay afloat. Expanding into e-commerce allows businesses to sell products to consumers completely online. There are a lot of reasons businesses have started going in this direction. One of the most prominent benefits of opening an online store is the amount of people businesses can sell to while reducing costs. Using a variety of platforms and the best SEO practices, we customize e-commerce websites for a variety of businesses to fit their specific needs.

Company branding to make you come out on top


Put your Game Face on

Any kind of business can benefit from a implementing a solid branding strategy, but this can often be overlooked by eager business owners ready to launch their digital marketing campaigns. 

The process of branding takes time and consistency. It is important to develop identifiable traits for a business in order to draw in customers and build rapport.

Branding makes businesses distinct competitors within their industry. It shows people who they are, what they stand for, and how they do business. 

Enforcing a brand identity through digital marketing efforts will go a long way in establishing a good reputation and generating recall. 

Logo design, social media, and the graphics that are made as marketing materials are all methods that help when building a brand.

Take the leap in developing your brand and let 11 Marketing + Design guide you through every step of the way.

Graphic Design

A visual presence on the internet is one of the key parts to developing a brand identity. As humans, we respond best to visual cues, and are more inclined to grasp onto information that is visually demonstrated. This happens because our brains processes the things we see much faster than the things we read or hear. In digital marketing, this gives advertisers the upper hand. By crafting enticing visuals, graphic designers can draw in the wondering eyes of impartial consumers and better encourage their memories to retain the information that is being conveyed. 

Logo Design

Logos are designed to serve a number of purposes, helping to improve on digital marketing efforts. As a distinct identifier, logos are placed on every piece of marketing material generated for a business. It should signal to people the purpose and goals of the company as well as demonstrate the values it works to uphold. By investing in professional logo design, business owners can communicate all of these things to consumers while showing them how much they care about how they are presented, an extremely desirable trait to most consumers.

Social Media Design

As social media continues to grow and connect us from all around the globe, the usefulness of social platforms in marketing campaigns has increased immensely. Creating profiles and pages is an excellent way to showcase individuality and build rapport with a target audience. Tailoring content to appeal to a specific group of people is much more effective when posted on social media rather than used in a physical campaign because interactions with that post make it more relevant to anyone with similar interests.