Cinemark Hollywood 16 and XD

If you’re looking for something to do during the day and would like to occupy your time, swing by Cinemark Hollywood 16 and XD, located at 9100 Canyon Dr, Amarillo, TX 79119, to see a new movie. It is located on the south end of the city of Amarillo and is owned and operated by the major movie theater chain Cinemark Theaters. Constructed in 1997, the facility was opened by the theater chain Starplex Cinemas. Surprisingly, it was quickly sold to Cinemark approximately one week subsequent to its opening.

Visitors and residents of Amarillo can indulge in the fun the area Cinemark Hollywood 16 and XD has to offer. It is situated between the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Amarillo South and Sports World, an activities center for people of all ages. Travelers making their way through the town should consider staying at the hotel when they are visiting or passing through so they may be entertained if they please. They have the option to explore what Sports World has to offer and then see a movie to relax afterward.

Sports World offers guests a variety of things to do. The complex has mini golf for all the little future golf pros who can’t yet handle a full golf course. The adrenaline chasers can find a go-kart track on the westernmost side of the facility to test their driving skills and see how fast they can go without crashing. Another activity Sports World offers is batting. Guests can practice their swings in the safety of their own batting cage. If it’s too hot outside for the little ones, take them inside for some arcade games to cool off. The complex hosts birthday parties and other events, so those looking for a fun venue to host the affairs you have planned, look no further.

When you’ve worn the kids out at Sports World, mozy on over to Cinemark and catch a movie. If you haven’t got enough of the arcade games, see what the theater has at the front. The facility features a few arcade games for those uninterested in waiting in line. The entire building was remodeled in 2016. It was first known as Hollywood 16 and sported a large, Hollywood-esque sign that spelled out its name with giant movie stage-style lights and letters that were strategically out of place. This sign was disappointingly removed during the renovation, and new, plain, white letters that read “Cinemark” were put up.

During the renovation, a bar was put in where patrons of ages could sit and have a drink or choose to take a drink into the theater with them while they watched the movie. The complex also features self-serving ticket kiosks for faster, easier access to the auditorium showing the movie you purchased a ticket for. On the outside of the building, there are ticket booths where actual employees used to sit to assist guests in securing tickets. These are rarely used anymore as the kiosks have gained popularity.

All of the auditoriums were installed with seats that allow customers to lounge in by raising the bottom of their seats to hoist up their feet. Be sure not to doze off during your film.

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Map #1 Title: Map from Cinemark Hollywood 16 and XD to 11 Marketing + Design

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