Amarillo Botanical Gardens

As all residents of Amarillo are familiar with, the Texas Panhandle has a climate similar to that of a desert, making it sometimes unbearable and hard to believe any kind of plant species could grow in the area. The area has been in a drought for a considerable amount of time, so it’s only logical to assume the level of difficulty of maintaining a garden in this climate.

To prove the land was susceptible to the growth of a broad range of plant species, an organization of women formed in 1929 with the goal of starting a garden club. The group began searching for these kinds of plants and put their education to the test when looking for species that survived and thrived in the hot sun, extreme wind, and drought-ridden climate. These amazing women went on to complete projects to make the city a more beautiful place. By 1945 the group had expanded to 12 members, and over the next ten years following, the group broke off into 13 different garden clubs dedicated to the varying interests of members.

A Garden Center for all the clubs to meet up and complete activities was formed in 1954 in Memorial Park. Six years later, they decided to construct a new vicinity where they could plant test gardens and implement classes for people who struggled with disabilities. Finally, in 1968 the location where the Amarillo Botanical Gardens resides today was founded in the medical district of the city in Medi Park. The name of the Garden Center was changed to the Amarillo Botanical Gardens under the supervision of executive director Jackie Wilson between the years 1992 and 2007, and the buildings that encompass the park were built with her direction.

The Amarillo Botanical Gardens puts on events throughout the year, hot or cold. In the winter, go check out the stunning display of lights hung up around the garden and take a winter stroll on through with your family or even on a date. If the date goes well enough, you can choose to host your wedding at this beautiful venue. The gardens offer indoor and outdoor venues for all kinds of events, so the next time it’s your job to plan a major event, see if you can reserve space at the Amarillo Botanical Gardens.

Don’t miss out on the summer fun, either. The gardens host a series called Music in the Gardens, where local music artists come to perform for the public. Tickets for admission to these concerts are purchased at the gate upon entry. If you want to see beforehand who is performing, you can check out their social media pages or their website for a list of dates and the corresponding musicians or bands.

The garden is a 4.4-acre plot of land with an office building and event space on the east side and a tropical observatory on the west side. Birds and other creatures of tropical nature can be found roaming inside the building alongside their native plants. There is an abundance of butterflies and other insects located around the garden you can observe.

Interested in learning something while you visit? The garden offers guided tours if you bring a group of 10 or more. Led by a staff member, guests will learn all about the different plants you can find in the walls of the garden. If you didn’t bring that many people, you can get general admission for $8 and take a self-guided walk.

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