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Ethical Digital Media Marketing

The market is constantly changing, and at a rapid pace. Consumers these days are more connected, better informed, and always on the go. Keeping up with the production of new technologies can be difficult considering the ever-changing trends in consumer behaviors. At 11 Marketing + Design, we are masters of digital marketing. We help you increase your bottom line while doing our best to fit within your budget.

Whether it’s Branding, SEO, Social Media, or Web Design, our team of digital natives will turn your online presence into a powerhouse by working to increase the visibility of your business across multiple platforms. And we don’t just stop there. Our creative team is highly trained in all forms of traditional advertising including print, television, and radio, giving you a well-rounded, fully drawn-out plan for expanding the reach of your business.

We want to be your one-stop-shop for insanely profitable marketing. Online or in traditional media, we have the right tools and experience to put your brand on top. Our highest priority is expanding your customer base by getting the word out about your business effectively and efficiently and with as little downtime as possible.

By combining our knowledge of search with your business goals, we develop a personalized SEO strategy that creates the results you need. Executing that strategy encompasses a multitude of online marketing tactics. SEO Copywriting, Local SEO, and PPC Advertising are only a few of the many tools we can use to push your brand digitally.

In conjunction with the digital aspect of marketing, tried and true ways of traditional advertising should be implemented into your strategy. Our highly skilled graphic designers and Internet specialists work together to build your brand in an accurate manner that best reflects your business and targets the audience you need to reach.

Walter Steelman

Online Business Development

Rylee Soapes

Operations Manager